Giros Films

About Giros Filmes

Twenty one years of independent audiovisual production, 2.000 hours of programming displayed on more than 40 channels around the world; real life stories that inspire original content.

For 22 years in the audiovisual industry, GIROS FILMS is directed by Belisario Franca, Bianca Lenti e Maurício Magalhães. With more than 2,000 hours of content produced for TV and movies, his works have already been shown on more than 40 national and international broadcasters and have circulated through the most prestigious festivals and prizes in Brazil and the world. Music from Brazil, Beyond the Sea, 7x Bossa Nova, Xavante Strategy, Eternal Amazon, Boy 23 and Araguaia Soldiers are some of the winning projects of Giros.

Following the vocation to combine content and entertainment, GIROS FILMS produces attractive series and films that are relevant to various audiences, such as the most recent ” No Caminho do Bem (Curta!), TED Sharing Ideas (Futura), Homo Brasilis (Art 1), Rua para Toda Gula (TLC), Samba in Gamboa (TV Brazil), De Mala and Cuia (Public TVs), Latitude, Longitude and Immortals of the Academy (Curta!) Among many others that are yet to debut, such as ” Esse Negócio de Livro” , ” Ensaios Contemporâneos (Curta!) and Second Take (Art 1). In the dramaturgy, the producer already accumulates some experiences, among them the series Jungle Pilot (Universal TV), Queimamufa! (Futura Channel), Baile de Máscaras (Public TVs) and Revolta dos Malês (SescTV), as well as the animation Billy and Catarina (TVcom – BA).