Eternal Amazon (2012)

The film Eternal Amazon exposes great misconceptions and points out possible ways for humanity to see the largest rainforest in the world in its various layers: social, political and economic. Because yes, we can translate the value of the forest into ciphers, but not without ignoring its maintenance and balance. The forest must be sustainable as an ecosystem and, especially, as a business. In the film, this challenging equation is discussed by businessmen, politicians, environmentalists, economists and indigenous and riverine populations – the latter guardians of millenarian models of forest exploitation without environmental impacts, inheritors of nature’s generosity, but excluded from statistics and public policy Basic.


Maurício Magalhães e Belisario Franca

Directed by
Belisario Franca

Maria Carneiro da Cunha

Bianca Lenti, Yan Motta e Belisario Franca

Yan Motta

Original music
Armand Amar


FIFE – Environmental International Film Festival


DocBrazil Festival

Rio festival

FIPA_Festival international des programs audiovisuels


16th Brooklyn Film Festival 2013

Oldenburg International Film Festival 2013

Wine Country Film Festival

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Green Film Fest

Rio + 20


Best Documentary | BRAFFTV – Brazilian Film Festival in Toronto