Araguaia Soldiers (2017)

Araguaia Soldiers  is a documentary that aims to give voice to the memories and traumas of low-ranking Brazilian Army recruits who fought in the bloody and nebulous Araguaia Guerrilla. Marginalized by official historiography for their membership in the Army and the Army itself for their denunciations against the corporation, these characters find here an unprecedented opportunity to share their version of the facts. From the summons to the riverside and rural communities to the dispensation after the extermination of the communist guerrilla, the accounts of the former soldiers compose a narrative in which recruits and guerrillas are confused under military oppression. In Brazilian Vietnam, the winners return only as ghosts: even those capable of overcoming psychosis, alcoholism, the desire for suicide and countless manifestations of post-traumatic stress need to fight to overcome the episodes of abuse and violence that have suffered and witnessed.

72 min. (duration) | Plan | Dolby 5.1



Directed by:
Belisario Franca

Ismael Machado

Belisario Franca e Ismael Machado


Executive Production:
Bianca Lenti e Maria Carneiro da Cunha

Cláudia Lima e Michelle Maia

Yan Motta

Yan Motta

Mário Franca

Realized with the support of:
Cinebrasil TV


Prize: 3rd place in the DOCUMENTARY category of the 34th Human Rights Journalism Award – 2017

Official Selection 41st International Film Festival of SP – 2017

Official Selection Cine Pojichá -1st Film Festival of the Mucuri and Jequitinhonha Valleys – 2017

Official Selection Visions du Reel / Media Lab – 2018

XIV National Oral History Meeting – Audiovisual Show Witness for Images – 2018

Selection 40th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema / LATIN AMERICA IN PERSPECTIVE – Havana 2018