ATÉ QUANDO? (2004)

The documentary Até Quando? Discusses the logic of violence against young people, highlighting the other side resulting from the “criminalizing” clichés about life in the popular communities of Rio de Janeiro and Recife. The favelas are heterogeneous territories, a rich and particular reality, as well as extremely articulated, in which the inhabitants establish numerous social, cultural and communication networks. And this, apart from the war between police and bandits and rival groups linked to drug trafficking … The young people themselves are the most effective mediators to become the vicious circle of violence, a virtuous circle of solidarity. Are the young people themselves the protagonists of Até Quando?


Directed by
Belisario Franca e Bebeto Abrantes

Belisario Franca, Bebeto Abrantes e Toni Marques

Executive Producer
Claudia Lima e Luis Antonio Silveira

Marcelo Rodrigues

Julia de Simone – Giros / Elionalva Souza – Observatório de Favelas

Marcelo Rodrigues