ESTILO BRASIL (2008-2010)

Developed for Fashion TV and funded by Article 39 cultural tax incentives, the Brazil Style series is presented by actress Luiza Mariani and musician Marcelo D2. This unusual pair of hosts move well beyond the fashion world in order to answer the key question: What is the Brazil style? In each episode, answers spring up from everywhere: design, movies, the arts, technology, music, fashion and people. Firmly established as a major attraction on this Channel, this series displays a cosmopolitan and futuristic Brazil that steers international trends, right in step with the world’s main opinion-shaping hubs.


Direção Geral
Vicente Lobato

Produção Executiva
Belisario Franca

Coordenação de Produção
Claudia Lima

Pesquisa e Roteiros
Bianca Lenti

Fernanda Gusmão e Beatriz Gregório

Ellen Jabour, Luiza Mariani, Marcelo D2