Xavante Strategy (2006)

A documentary on the strategy developed by the Xavante people in an attempt to preserve their territory and maintain their tradition with autonomy. The film is built around personal stories of the tribe’s youngest people who travelled to the big cities in order to study the white people’s social customs with the goal of becoming interlocutors of their people. Impressive testimonials tell us how the Xavante have used the enemies’ culture and customs to confront them with the same weapons.


Directed by
Belisario Franca

Executive Producers
Angela Pappiani, Belisario Franca, Jurandir Siridiwê Xavante And Luis Antônio Silveira

Marcia Watzl

Belisario Franca And Marcia Watzl

João Pellegrino And Léo Fernandes

Lia Rezende


Best Art and Media Creation UN / New Yok – 2008
Documenta Madrid / 2008 – V International Documentary Festival of Madrid – Jury Honorable Mention
Award of the International Ethnographic Film