SAMBA NA GAMBOA (6 seasons 2008 - 2017)

Commanding by the main name of the new generation of samba, singer-songwriter Diogo Nogueira, the weekly series Samba in Gamboa leads to an informal and musical chat, fun and informative, sketches of the carat of Paulinho da Viola, Beth Carvalho, Arlindo Cruz , Jorge Ben Jor and Zeca Pagodinho, as well as members of the new generation such as Roberta Sá, Mart’nália, Marcelo D2, Dudu Nobre, Seu Jorge, among others. Set in the Gamboa neighborhood, home to samba in Rio de Janeiro, the series has consolidated itself as one of the most important records of samba today and has already achieved the highest ratings among the broadcast programs of the station.


Director General
Belisary France

Directed by
Julia Favoretto

Producer Coordination
Cláudia Lima

Olivia Buarque

Musical producer
Alceu Maia

Cinematography by
Beto Campos

Julia Favoretto