A Lone Man (2016)

The film tells the story of Arnaldo, a man who tries to get rid of the miserable life he lives, seeking to copy himself in a suspiscious clinic that promises to copy people. With a copy of himself occupying its place, he would take a new life. But, when having his claim denied, Arnaldo has no choice but to try to change the course of his story. When he falls in love with Josie, the clerk of a pet cemetery, Arnold believes he’s found a chance to finally be happy. A Lone Man is an urban fable that addresses the complexity of relationships with a healthy dose of irony, and humor.


Direct and screenplay
Claudia Jouvin

Produced by
Maria Carneiro da Cunha

Associate Producers
Guel Arraes / Belisario Franca / Mariana Ximenes

Adrian Teijido, ABC

Art Direction
Claudio Amaral Peixoto / Joana Mureb

Costume Designer
Ana Avelar

Bruno Lasevicius / Pedro Amorim

Direct Sound
Paulo Ricardo Nunes

Sound Editing
Miriam Biderman and Ricardo Reis

Makeup Artist
Martin Macias Trujillo

Finishing producer
Juca Diaz

Original soundtrack
Plínio Profeta

Allan Sieber


Mariana Ximenes (Josie)
Vladimir Brichta (Arnaldo)
Otávio Müller (Mascarenhas)
Ingrid Guimarães (Aline)
Eliane Giardini (Aunt Leila)
Daniel Aráoz (Dr. Döppel)


Awarded 3 kikitos for the 43rd Gramado Festival, being the best photography, best actress and best supporting actor and screened at the International Film Festival of São Paulo and the International Festival of Punta Del Este.